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Welcome to the LyfePal Official Blog

After many tweaks, delays and realignments, the LyfePal community is ready for everyone to get onboard.  Cofounders, Beatrice Edwards and Mary-Jane Blystone officially started the LyfePal Official Blog as a source for an open communication with our users and also an avenue to let you know what we are working on and why, including current and upcoming features. For our business users, we plan to spotlight your business as you grow your fan base and reach a new kind of influencer status on our platform.

Secondly, we want you to know us and the challenges we deal with. We want you to hear it all directly from us, the good, the fun and the not so fun.

So, what have we been up to lately? We have removed the option to create an online store as well as creating a video channel.  We want to work on perfecting this option before we re-release this option again in the next 2-3 years.

With the primary focus being encrypted security within the community here are some of the newest features:

  • Users will be able to share animated GIF in posts.
  • As a business page owner your business is automatically listed in our directory for better SEO results
  • Users can now create Public, Closed or Private Group and send invitation to friends on LyfePal to join the Group.
  • Users can now create Public, Secret, or Closed Events and send invitation to friends on LyfePal to their event.
  • User with a PRO package can boost posts and pages so anyone on the network can see it as a promoted posts or pages.

So as you can see, we did push out some new features this year that we’re all pretty excited about. We’d love to get your feedback. Honestly, developing features without feedback sucks, so let us know what you think.

That’s all for now. Please check back here often for more updates, features, ideas and feedback.

The LyfePal Team

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