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Brand Resources

Using LyfePal Brand In Your Marketing

Thanks for supporting the LyfePal brand. Be sure to read this guide entirely as it provides general rules about using our brand assets and showcasing LyfePal content. These rules apply to all media, including in-store signage, packaging, digital media and broadcast.

We’re happy to have you promote your business on LyfePal. Just make sure your ads and marketing materials don’t suggest that LyfePal is directly sponsoring your promotions or formally affiliated in any way.

LyfePal Logo

Our logo is a cute image of an orange fox in a chat bubble with a blackish-grey scripted “LyfePal” to the right side. Use the high resolution PNG provided below. Do not alter this in any way, and keep the logo free of filters and effects. 

Always include a call to action that references your own specific LyfePal URL (link). To avoid implying endorsement, make sure the LyfePal Logo is always smaller in scale than your own logo.

LyfePal Logo
Official LyfePal Logo